How to combine multiple files into a single PDF

Adobe Acrobat is an incredibly versatile tool for document management and print production, that can save you a lot of time if used correctly. Learn how to combine multiple files into a single PDF, how to add pages to an existing PDF, and how to replace specific PDF pages.

How to package in Adobe InDesign

The package function is the built-in process whereby InDesign will check all the links and fonts that you are using in a document, and it will copy and organise all of the files needed to correctly open that document. We’re going to have a look at the packaging process, and the settings you should use.

Create that 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator — 3 different ways

In this video we’re going to look at how to create that ubiquitous ‘3D’ extruded text effect using Adobe Illustrator. But since tutorials showing how to make 3D text and titles in Illustrator are already everywhere, we’re going to look at three different methods of creating a 3D extrusion effect.

Fix widows, orphans, and runts in Adobe InDesign

In typesetting, widows, orphans and runts are arguably the most common annoyances. Single lines which remain at the start or end of a column, or the last word in a paragraph breaking to a new line, can all contribute to make your type layout appear less professional. Fortunately InDesign has capabilities to handle these problems, and with a little bit of extra effort up-front, you can say goodbye to ever needing to fix these issues manually again.

The Slug Area in Adobe InDesign

The Slug is the area outside the printed page, which is trimmed away after printing. Normally used only for Bleed, it can occasionally be useful for other purposes.

How to fix a drop cap with an opening quote mark in Adobe InDesign

When a quote mark occurs before the first letter in your text, and you are formatting a drop cap, it can cause a problem. This is one method of fixing it which uses the InDesign Nested Styles function.

Dialog box behavior and the proxy icon – macOS tips for designers

There are two specific UI features that exist only on macOS which provide a substantial productivity boost for designers working on that platform.