Dialog box behavior and the proxy icon – macOS tips for designers

There are two specific UI features that exist only on macOS which provide a substantial productivity boost for designers working on that platform.

How to setup page numbers in Adobe InDesign

It’s an InDesign basic — how to insert automatic page numbering into your document. This is accomplished by using one of InDesign’s built-in character placeholders, which you can insert into any flow of text you like. Typically you would insert this character into a text frame on your master page, which is what we’re demonstrating […]

Using the ‘Next Style’ setting in Adobe InDesign

Learn how to use the next style option within a paragraph style in Adobe InDesign. This is a useful function that can greatly improve your efficiency and speed up your work if you are doing design or typesetting work using Adobe InDesign.

How to retain formatting when bringing text from Word into InDesign

This a demonstration of one method of importing text from Microsoft Word, into Adobe InDesign, that prevents the loss of basic text formatting by using a combination of import settings, character styles and find/replace. It avoids importing the problematic Word document styles, and leaves you with an InDesign file with cleanly formatted styles, and no […]

Adobe Acrobat DC ‘Send for Review’ feature

Looking over the Adobe Acrobat DC Send For Review feature.

Using ‘Live’ Endnotes in InDesign CC2018+

How to use the often-misunderstood ‘live’ endnotes function in Adobe InDesign CC2018. They got a bad rep with the way Adobe ‘forced’ the new endnotes function on users in CC 2018 (no way to turn them off, although that ability was added in the 2019 version—along with bugs!) and they can still be troublesome in […]

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